Collection of Prophetic Meanings of Colors by Carol Nemitz

Collection of Prophetic Meanings of Colors by Carol Nemitz

Began April 25, 2007 at 3:50 AM

The colors are an ever growing project in my life so this is an ongoing note that has to be updated each season. Also, each color has a sound associated with it. I pray your spiritual ears will hear the harmonies and orchestrations in each one and how they work together to create new revelations of Jesus Christ to the Body of Christ.

There are opposite meanings for each color that I will not mention in this work. When you get into God’s revelations you get all the information you need about your enemy. There may be a rare brief mention, but for the most part, I have chosen to only include Holy revelations for each one and not how the enemy has twisted and used them for evil.

You become what you look at so look to Jesus in each one. Jesus is the ONLY WAY to these special places in God. If anyone enters these supernatural places without Jesus being Lord, they are thieves and robbers. They will not be allowed to stay and will be cast out from the fullness of God.

Believing Jesus is Lord is a prerequisite. One must be washed in Jesus Blood in Faith knowing it has power not only to wash every sin away but to make the Way for you to enter His Heavenly places. One must put on Jesus’ White Robe of Righteousness before coming to “eat” these delicacies of revelation with Him.

These revelations are for those who have and desire more of a deep relationship with Jesus. Others will be offended by these truths. If you feel offended by what I have written, do not read this, it is not for you at this time. If you feel compelled to curse this work, go ahead and try, God turns every curse into a BLESSING INSTEAD! He will pursue you and come to visit you. He wants to turn every curse into a blessing instead.

I believe each human is supposed to find their destiny in these places in the Father’s Presence. Everyone is given the opportunity but not everyone chooses this Way. You choose Him, He chooses you! Each chosen child of God get pieces of His Big Picture. Do not ever think anyone’s list of prophetic colors or symbols is “IT”. He wants to reveal your portion directly to you.

Jesus wants you to know Him this close. My prayer is that this list will simply call you into His Arms so He can take you to His secret places and reveal your portion to you. I present to you a taste of the secret places my Beloved Yeshua has taken me regarding colors. He is building an “alphabet” of colors and symbols that He uses to communicate. Give us ears to hear Dear Lord!


BLACK: the color of Joseph’s, Ephraim’s and Manasseh’s tribal stone and flag: ONYX. The double blessing. Some say the onyx is flesh colored or tan, either way a “burning to black ashes” is necessary. Black is the result of FIRE. God is A Consuming Fire. God’s Kingdom requires that the fleshly nature of man must burn away (be crucified and sacrificed and circumcised) in other words a dying, a burning creation of ashes in order for us to come close. Jesus showed us how this is done when He died on the cross in obedient yieldedness to the Father. His Love for us draws us to and through the “fire” of the cross. He wants us to experience the blackness so we can appreciate His beautiful GARDEN that happens when He is Present. Black is God’s THUNDERING VOICE creating beauty from the Ashes of Repentance. Black is saying “I need You God” and denounces our independence from God. The two edged Sword of God’s Voice pierces our darkness and cuts away the spiritual foreskin, the fleshly nature in our souls, the old man which are enemies to His Word and Work in our lives….these all become ashes (BLACK) under our feet:

Malachi 4:3

And you shall tread down the lawless and wicked, for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, says the Lord of hosts.

Amplified Version

Anything black is calling, waiting, yearning

for the Fiery Voice of God to come and change it:

to come and cleanse and for His Word and His Light to come and create something divine and different from that which was rejected and burned away (old flesh nature). After a fire sweeps a forest of human logic away, those ashes become fertilizer for the new, stronger growth of God’s wisdom and understanding.

Black is the place where God speaks “let there be Light” and planets and stars hurl out into the emptiness and bring Life and Light.

Black is the place where God hides His treasures:

the deepest parts of the earth where gemstones hide, for kings to search out.

the darkness of outer space where stars are born

Black is the backdrop for the stars to shine out from

The universe is the Robe of God and it is decorated with planets and stars like gemstones on a Black backdrop: He fills every dark place with His LIGHT.

Darkness does not really exist, only an absence or calling of Light!!!

God puts deep treasures and mysteries into dark places for KINGS to search out.

Black is the deepness of where treasures are hidden.

Black blocks the enemies of God with blindness from seeing what He is doing.

Black is the color of the pupil of the EYE: the part that can SEE.

In the dark places God’s people are given eyes to see

like the stars shine only at night; we can only see when we admit our blindness.

When we admit our blindness, God is drawn to our contrite heart and gives us eyes to see in dark, blind places.

The insides of a camera are black so that the film can develop an image.

He gives us vision to see

how His Kingdom will be birthed and awakened

in the seed He planted in that dark place.

Any color that is dark includes the power of repentance (ashes of repentance).

Black mixed with other colors brings a prelude of the promise of His calling forth of Divine Creative Light like the calm before the storm.

Black can be very loud or very silent.

Many times it is a QUIET VOID that has secret sounds hidden there.

When His voice is silent and still, we are in darkness.

It is in these times that our roots are growing towards Him stronger

Seeking, hungry, searching, thirsty, wanting Him reaching through every darkness into His Light

If He kept His manifested Presence evident, our roots would be short

and the first wind would blow us down

He desires for us to have a large, strong understanding…

Black mixed with another color makes that color stronger and deeper

A color darkened by BLACK is crying out to be

tried by the Fire of His Voice.

For example black next to any color calls for God’s Voice in that color to be BROADCAST LOUDLY…it multiplies the intensity of that color…it turns up the volume of that color…it magnifies God’s TRUTH about that color and sound.

Black is a gift of humility: ability to repent

to the point of creating ashes out of impurities in our lives.

Our roots grow deepest during the dark (black) parts of our lives.

Our praise is more valuable coming from a black place.

It is easy to praise Him in the Light.

Black calls out for exile to end.

Black calls for resurrection Life, and He comes every time!

Black is the color for hovering and brooding under His SHADOW.

It is black inside the womb at conception

Miracles of LIGHT happen in the dark:

The earth was without form and an empty waste, and darkness was upon the face of the very great deep. The Spirit of God was moving (hovering, brooding) over the face of the waters.

And God said, Let there be light; and there was light.

Genesis 1:2-3 Amplified Version

Black Sheep were Jacob’s wages from Laban. I am glad that God put this black sheep (the old me) into His fold. If Jacob had not been so patient to get his favorite girl (Rachel which means LAMB), then Joseph, Benjamin, Ephraim and Manasseh would not have been born.

[Laban] said, What shall I give you? And Jacob said, You shall not give me anything, if you will do this one thing for me [of which I am about to tell you], and I will again feed and take care of your flock.

Let me pass through all your flock today, removing from it every speckled and spotted animal and every black one among the sheep, and the spotted and speckled among the goats; and such shall be my wages.

Gen 30:31-32 Amplified Version

The Shulamite bride in Song of Songs was black and lovely.

Story of a Black horse named “Thunder” Below is From “Coat of Arms” book by Robin Paisley 2003 Chapter 13 on Seven Horses:

The first horse was black and the rider the same and they are called Thunder and together they were being released to go through out the earth proclaiming the King’s voice. As the rider raised his banner high it became alive with the Lord’s voice and sound as it began to penetrate the souls who were willing to face the darkness of self, allowing his thunder to pierce through the veil, and the earth shook in agreement.

Any color that is mixed with Black is thundering the response

of His Redemption in that place.

Black is the color of the burden of His Words.

It is a humble color.

Willing to have light totally removed for a season;

In order for His Light to be manifested in a new way in a new place.

One must yield in meekness to bear this burden.

Ink is black.

Hebrew letters look like black fire.

Black is the color of ink. Words upon a page are black. They draw the reader into the story. There is a mantle of black material that is given to people sometimes by God when they are going to be writing His Words upon pages of white. The characters of His Voice scribed upon a page are BLACK. In order to perceive God’s Voice, one must be filled with His Holy Spirit: the Holy Breath of God which is WHITE and PURE. His Voice is a BLACK FIRE and His Breath is a PILLAR of WHITE. Anyone who reaches for His Words or Wisdom without the Holy Spirit gets lost in a fog of grey matter. But when the right recipe is obtained by spending time with the High Priest of the temple of our souls (Yeshua), His Voice and His Breath come to us and SILVER REDEMPTION happens! Like silver paint is put on the back of a pane of glass a mirror is made for us to catch a reflection of Him. Understanding is born and we see Him as in a mirror (dimly as we live in this earth) and we come to KNOW GOD and His protection and His provision and His resurrection LIFE.

In 2008 and 2009 I have been studying the Hebrew letters. In ancient Jewish writings, the characters of the Hebrew alphabet are actual creatures from the heavenly spheres. Each one has a personality and a story to tell. The letters look like black fire.


“The Established Word to Stand Upon to Bring God’s Order into the Earth”

This color embodies all the attributes of Blue but with the black ashes of our enemies under our feet. We are free to say “yes Lord, I will obey You!”

And you shall tread down the lawless and wicked, for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, says the Lord of hosts.

Malachi 4:3 Amplified Version

Sapphire is the color under God’s Feet as He walked and talked with Moses up on the mountain to give him His Laws and Ordinances. To me this speaks of the steadfast WISDOM we must walk in as we covenant with our Creator. Dark Blue speaks of the beauty of God’s Law. This meeting with Moses took place after he read the words of God to the people and they promised to obey. This is when Moses sprinkled blood on the Altar and on the people for the first time. As a result, God called them up higher. He met with them face to face and walked and talked with them. I believe this is the first time words were written in the Hebrew language. Before this time in history there were just hieroglyphics. God gave mankind a way to write words as He walked in that sapphire blue beauty with them. Everywhere God stepped, the ground turned to sapphire stone.

And they saw the God of Israel [that is, a convincing manifestation of His presence], and under His feet it was like pavement of bright sapphire stone, like the very heavens in clearness.

Exodus 24:10 Amplified Version

In some ancient Jewish writings, the first set of the Ten Commandment Tablets were carved upon Sapphire Stone, not just ordinary rock. It makes sense that the Rock that we stand upon be the same color that it is under God’s Feet. Thus from this I picture sapphire to be the color of God’s Shoes. Two Shoes: Two Tablets. One sapphire Shoe makes footprints that lead us to love God with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind, and all our strength. And the other sapphire Shoe makes footprints to lead us into loving others as we love ourselves. We walk into His Divine Order when we walk in His Sapphire Footsteps. His Footprints lead us to the Father’s Throne which is also depicted in scripture to have the appearance of a sapphire stone.

THEN I looked and behold, in the firmament that was over the heads of the cherubim there appeared above them something looking like a sapphire stone, in form resembling a throne. Ezekiel 10:1 Amplified Version

The sapphire stone is the gemstone of the tribe of Dan. This tribe represents the Justice and Judgments of God: God’s Judges. When the Judges of God stand in His Wisdom, their judgments are pure and holy. When God’s Judges are lead by His Holy Spirit, they cause the church to walk in Peace with God’s Laws and Judgments. Dan was the standard bearer for 3 tribes: Dan, Naphtali, and Asher. The standard for these tribe together were on the North side of the Temple and their symbol was an Eagle. Eagles eat snakes. The Tribe of Dan had a flag all their own and it was sapphire in color and had a snake wrapped around the scales of judgment. When we go it alone, the evil one wraps around our judgment and tips the scales in his favor. We must travel with others to keep our judgment in divine order. We must travel with Eagles who eat snakes so our scales are not perverted by the world, the flesh, or the devil. We need Just weights that are true.

BLUE This color is the color of Peace and Justice: Peace with God and His Justice, Peace with self, Peace with others. A true peacemaker fights for God’s Justice to be done by loving others. This is the hyperlink to God’s Throne room; The highway to heaven made by Jesus and lead by the Holy Spirit. Moses walked with God on the mountain and everywhere God walked, the mountainside turned to sapphire stone which is BLUE (see Dark Blue). Ancient Jewish texts state that the original tablets of the Ten Commandments were of clear SAPPHIRE STONE from the places where GOD WALKED. God’s Holy Spirit draws us to walk into the deeper BLUE things of God. Blue is the River of Peace with God’s Law, His Judgments, and His Justice. God’s map room has a floor of clear sapphire stone. This is where He reveals the BLUEPRINTS of His Kingdom. Blue is what Jesus wears as His Belt when He is our Justice of the Peace: our Divine JUDGE. This color Blue is the River of Life that helps us to love God’s Laws and want to follow His Divine Will. When He wears His Blue Garments, He is speaking Peace to us. He is judging all that concerns us to become in line with His Will. His judgments are clean, His judgments lead us to know His Mercy and His Grace. He judges the poor to become rich, the sick to become healed, the lame to walk, the blind to see, the naked to be clothed, the lonely to be loved…and His children to become able to walk in His Authority. In short His Justice is beautiful and speaks PEACE to any storm! His Judgments create His Kingdom.

Blue River:

Blue represents His cleansing and refreshing Waters of Life. Blue stands for the River of Living Water that flows and pulls us towards Father’s Heart. This is the River of God that washes us clean and draws us into His Deeper Places. This is the flushing place where all our trash is flushed out of our system and replaced with His Peace and Order. This River flows through our veins. If you look at a map of our veins, they are blue (arteries are red). The veins take the trash out in our bodies. These blue veins take the carbon dioxide to the lungs to be expelled. They also take the trash chemicals out of the tissues of the body to be taken to the liver, kidneys or lungs to get rid of the poisons. This is the River that carries our poisons away. This River is the antidote for all our poisons. Peace with God is our antidote. After this Blue flushing, we are free to be filled up with His INSTEAD: His Provision. This BLUE River is a place of sanctification and healing. This River of Blue has the power to wash Divine Peace into our inner most being. This River of Blue helps us to make Peace with God. This Blue also helps us to make Peace with ourselves, and peace with other people. This color draws us towards Peace with God no matter what is going on around us. The BLUE water washes our feet like He washed His disciples’ feet. Blue prepares our walk. Blue helps us find His Footsteps and helps us to put on the Shoes of the Gospel of Peace. Blue shods our feet to walk through the cross to the other side into Resurrection Life. Blue grafts in our roots into His Tree that has its roots deep in the Water of Life.

Blue speaks of Royalty.

In ancient times the only pure source of blue to dye cloth, was from a creature from the deep BLUE sea. This creature was similar to a slug in a shell. It had to be harvested from the ocean. The creature created some kind of blue dye or ink. The worm-like creature was killed to release the ink. The ink was then used to dye fabric or material. Only Royalty could afford the price for this blue material died in the blood of worms. Blue cries out for the worm to die so that royalty can happen. This color Blue knights us to become His kings in the earth: those who declare and establish His Justice in this earth. Blue calls for kingship to awaken in us. This royalty means new levels of authority. This authority to decide Judgment comes into full maturity and power when combined with His Mercy (Judgment and Mercy desire to be united) see Purple.

The tribal stones that are blue are Dan (Sapphire) and Gad (Ligure or dark blue Jacinth) and Zebulun (Light blue Aquamarine (sometimes blue-green)) and Benjamin (Jasper rich blue to blue-green color).

LIGHT BLUE: Light blue Includes the attributes of Blue and White: The Breath of God that births a new KING in the earth. Baby blue is often used for baby boys. Light Blue is also a birthing into knowing the King in new and HIGHER levels. LIGHT BLUE speaks of Holy Justice Declared and Breathed to cause the chosen one to be brought into new levels of PEACE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. Light blue is the background of being HIGH UP on the mountain of God. Light blue speaks of ASCENT. When you are surrounded by sky you are dancing in the High Places: Deep in the heavenlies. Light Blue speaks of coming “up here” into the heavens: Raptured into the clouds, caught up in the air to be with the King of kings and LORD of lords. He is RAPTURING HIS CHURCH WITH THE BREATH OF HIS VOICE. Thus light blue is a comforting and encouraging color. It speaks of the Comforter Who is the Holy Spirit. Light blue is the color of the sky when you are surrounded by the Pillar of Cloud by day: the Lord’s Day. Light Blue speaks of rapture.

For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a loud cry of summons, with the shout of an archangel, and with the blast of the trumpet of God. And those who have departed this life in Christ will rise first.

Then we, the living ones who remain [on the earth], shall simultaneously be caught up along with [the resurrected dead] in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air; and so always (through the eternity of the eternities) we shall be with the Lord!

Therefore comfort and encourage one another with these words.

1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 Amplified Version

Zebulun’s stone was aquamarine which is light blue to blue green. His symbol is a ship that goes out into the deep blue sea and brings back treasures to distribute to the rest of the tribes. Light blue speaks of ascent into God’s DEEP to bring back treasures of His Kingdom into this earth. The best treasure ever was a baby boy named Jesus. Mary is often depicted wearing light blue. She was not afraid to bring the King of kings into this earth. Light blue says to me “Yes Lord, be it unto me as You have said, I will birth Your Seed in this earth.”

MAROON (DARK RED) Includes the attributes of Red, Black, and possibly some purple. Dark Red is the color of the Wine of Communion. The BLACKNESS represents the crushing of the grape: the sacrifice, and the willingness to spend time in dark places. He often sends us into dark places to build His Kingdom. Dark Red says “yes” to become aged to perfection in dark, pressure filled places enough to be smooth like aged WINE. This humility tastes good to the Father. The color of ABIDING in Humility and Merciful Covering is the color of relationship with Him. This color represents the Bride of Christ communing with Him to the point of being willing to fellowship with His Suffering. He asks us when we think we can sit with Him on His throne, “Can you drink the cup that I am to drink?” The one who says “yes” stays close and trusts Him even when the fruit is shaken from the vine and crushed underfoot. She keeps coming back to communion with Him even when circumstances test her staying power. She does not complain in the wildernesses when there is only Manna and water from the Rock. She is willing to die to be contentedly faithful and obedient. This is the Cup of saying “YES” to His proposal of taking up our cross and following Him. This Cup puts the Fiery Passion deep down into our inner most being. Any trial or test is not the end, just a doorway into His Victory on the other side. This color helps the Bride of Christ see His Resurrection Power take her into new levels of Victory with her LORD. Dark red is the color of overcoming victory. There is JOY in the journey because He is near. He teaches us to “drink” Him when we come near. If we only drink joy and pleasure without any sacrifice for others, it becomes gluttonous drunkenness. There is a deep ditch on either side of any truth. Wine is no different. On one side is drunken gluttony, and on the other is frigid and lifeless self sacrifice with no victory. When we drink in the light of Holy Spirit, we will have balance and stay on His path without drunkenly driving off His Highway. This wine brings clarity and vision. This wine is His Cup of communion that sets us at His banqueting table with His banner of love over us.

This drink will prepare us to become the Army of God: the Warrior Bride. Communion with God means to love until it hurts. Then there will be no more hurt, only more love. Dark Red takes away our fear of dying. It gives us boldness to hurt for others. This is the color of Christ’s passion. There is joy on the other side of this cup. Joy unspeakable and full of glory.

Many will have their sins passed over as the church drinks the Cup of Jesus’ Passover Wine. This is the drink to celebrate the price of His blood smeared on our door. The door of our home, the door of our heart, the door of our mind must be smeared with Jesus’ Blood…it is the requirement for the angel of death to Passover our souls. This is the Cup of Blood we drink at communion. We celebrate Him passing over our sins and setting us at His banquet table of giving and hospitality instead of the enemy’s table of lust and greed. What a dichotomy to have to be stained in Blood to become WHITER than snow.

RED Ruby: This powerful color stands for the Blood that Jesus shed for our forgiveness, healing, deliverance, and salvation. It is the Fire of His Holy Spirit that cleanses us and sanctifies us from clay to vessels of honor. The fire of His Red blood makes us vessels that are able to carry whatever He pours into us. It makes us trustworthy. It removes the sin, blemishes, chaff, sickness, unforgiveness, lies, deceptions, shame, and evil powers to name a few and flushes them out them with God’s Peace (see Blue) to replace them with His provisions from heaven instead. Red is the color of His Mercy and forgiveness. His Red Blood fills our cup to drink of His inner most being when we partake of Communion with Him. This Fiery Color lights up our Altar of Sacrifice and leads us to the Cross of Christ. It gives us the power to die to self and come alive for Christ Jesus to be resurrected in and through us to others in this world. This Fire baptizes us into becoming a new creature in Christ. This is the same fire that if we yield to it, will properly light our candlesticks in the Temple of our hearts. This is the same fire that if we yield to it, will burn the proper recipe of incense on our Altar of Incense. This is the same fire that if we yield to it, will freshly cook our daily manna properly so that it is not under or over cooked. Red is the color of the Fire of forgiveness and mercy. Red brings a river of provision from Heaven. It brings the breath of Heaven to make our spiritual muscles able to function. It brings the building blocks to build God’s Kingdom in our hearts and minds. Red awakens us to action and enables us with His ability to perform the Will of the Father. Red is the color of the Mature Priesthood: the experienced ones who know the supernatural secrets and power of the sacrifice.

The stones of the tribes that were red are Reuben (Ruby) and Levi (Garnet). Ruben is the standard bearer for 3 tribes of the south: Reuben, Simeon and Gad. The corporate flag for this group was a picture of a man. Reuben’s tribe had a separate flag with a mandrake on it. Mandrakes were a plant that helped people get pregnant. God’s plan for man to rule does not have him looking to nature to answer his questions and meet his needs. We must look to the blood of Jesus to save us. He is The Man that captains our tribes. We must have one leader and become one under His leading. Reuben failed as the firstborn as did Adam. Jesus was successful as the second Adam. Because of Reuben’s failure, he lost his kingship of the family, and his double portion as firstborn, and his ability to be the priest. Judah got the kingship, Levi got the priesthood, and Joseph got the double blessing that should have gone to the firstborn. When we look to anyone or anything other than God to make us pregnant with the things of Heaven, we fall into error and loose our inheritance. Jesus’ Red Blood covers those sins and reconciles us back into obtaining our royal authority, our double portion inheritance, and our priesthood.

Reuben’s gift is merciful, compassionate tending of the land and the sheep (cattle). Ruby Red stands for mercy: the River of Mercy changing the land and the people for the purposes and plans of God’s Kingdom. Within the body, red blood flows from the heart and lungs bright with the oxygen to bring to the cells of the muscles and tissues of the organs of the whole body so it can function. The arteries are red and branch all over like a map on the land of our bodies. Red brings LIFE. Red is our connection to Father’s Heart. Red is our communication with Life and ability to move. When red blood stops flowing or moving, it clots and looses it’s life. Red stands for movement. Red brings the life of heaven into this earth. Red grafts us into God’s Heart. Red is the Fire that lights our minds and hearts with Love. Red is the Love of Life. Red is the Mercy of forgiveness that washes away our poisons and brings the balm of Gilead instead. When red blood cells are fresh with oxygen from the lungs and food from the intestines, they travel to the hungry cells of the body. As soon as they dump their provision, they pick up the waist products and take them to the lungs for a fresh fill. They are constantly moving and changing every cell of the body for life. As soon as they drop off their groceries like oxygen, they turn blue as they pick up the waist products like carbon dioxide. The place of exchange is usually colored purple in the biology books. These are tiny blood vessels called capillaries. So the flow goes red, to purple, to blue, to red again. It just so happens that these are the colors of the Lord’s choosing to be in His Holy Temple: Red, Purple, and Blue (along with white).

PINK (LIGHT RED) Includes attributes of White and Red. Holy Awakening: New Birth, the Womb, The Breath of Mercy being BORN: a new Priest being awakened into sanctification. Pink calls for the Priesthood of God to awaken in us. Pink speaks of ministry unto the Lord. The Priest’s garments were white and often got splattered with BLOOD. Although it may be rinsed off it would look pink until the end of their shift. It was the mark of Priesthood because it meant they were doing their job of ministering to the Lord the Sacrifice He required. Today, He requires us to present Jesus as the sacrifice. As priests of our homes we cover and sprinkle with His Blood in prayer to purify and cleanse ourselves and our family. Jesus’ Blood is what we drink during communion. It is the Liquid Mercy that is our drink indeed. Nothing evil can come near or cross the covenant represented by the Blood of Jesus. Pink speaks of Covenant: the blood has been splattered properly. His Life Force is going down our throat into our deepest parts and becoming part of our body. We are receiving all that He is. The Life is in the BLOOD. Now that the Blood of the Perfect Sacrifice is upon us and covers us and is INSIDE OF US: The Father can now look upon His people as clean and holy because of the blood sacrifice. God’s Holy desire is being fulfilled in the priest presenting the sacrifice. Jesus is our sacrifice. When we come to the cross (the Altar) and repent and believe upon Him as the Son of God, we are sprinkled and covered with the blood that flows continuously from the cross. It is a new birth of the Kingdom of God into our inner most being. Our soul is being inhabited by the King of kings and Lord of lords. Jesus is born into us. So birth is pink, there is often a splattering of blood at birth. The child must be washed of the blood that gets all over him at birth. That blood is part of being born. Birth involves blood. There are often clean white towels around that turn pink. It is part of the process of BIRTH. Our soul is born again when we repent. We die to that old umbilical cord of the world, the flesh, and the devil and become mature believers in the Light of being Born Again into living and moving in the new environment of His kingdom: His Spirit.

FUCHSIA (DARK PINK) Fiery Electric Mercy, the PASSION of Mercy erupting in loud musical Passionate PRAISES! Psalms 149:3 This color is the color of Joy and the Womb of Intercession and worship where God’s fruit is conceived. This color imparts ears to hear how Wise our God is, how Beautiful He is and how much the bride desires for the fruit in her womb (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, etc) to LOOK LIKE Him!!! This color speaks of conception and spiritual pregnancy and the passion between the God of the Universe becoming the Bridegroom to the Bride (the mature and complete church). The INTENSITY of the priest’s covenant with the Father brings forth a fruitful conception in the heart of the mature believer. This color is LOUD and gives VOICE to the deep desires of the Bride of Christ (the mature church in union with Christ) becoming fulfilled and satisfied. This is the color of the inner chambers of God’s Secret places: His Heart. His heart is for us to know Him intimately enough to become pregnant with the Seed of His Word and give birth to His plans and purposes in this earth. This Fuchsia Color is what it looks like inside the deep, deep inner workings of the organs of God’s Body and the passion that erupts from seeing His LIGHT and TRUTH shine through.

DARK PURPLE includes attributes of Black and Purple

PURPLE IS STEADFAST LOVE WITH THE KING OF KINGS: Unity: Royalty: Power of Authority: discernment to remove the poisonous trash from people and implant the Heavenly Provision INSTEAD. This is the color of deliverance and impartation ministry. Those who walk in PURPLE authority are empowered to discern the impure from the pure. They are also filled with wisdom to remove impurities in love and replace them with giftings, anointings, callings, freedom to grow, teachings, words of knowledge, prophesies, etc. These people are able to pull heaven from God’s Heart and pump it into this earth. These people wear their role of ambassador of the Kingdom of God. These people are so in unity with the LORD that they can see past all need of forgiveness to the place where God has made a person perfect, even way before it happens. The people in PURPLE see the end from the beginning. They see with the LORD’s eyes. These people are able to flush away the trash and garbage in loving ways. Flush and fill: take out the trash and bring in the groceries. Purple in the body is where the capillaries connect the arteries and the veins. The BLUE veins take out the poisons and trash, and the RED arteries bring in the OXYGEN and nutrients. The place where the exchange takes place is PURPLE!!! The PURPLE EXCHANGE PLACE is where heaven meets and changes earth. These folks are portals coming to and from heaven: Pillars in the Temple: Ambassadors for Christ: so one with Him that they do His works and speak His speech. This color is the color of the UNITY of Red Mercy and Blue Peace with God’s Justice. This is the color of the Bride of Christ taking her place as the Royal QUEEN AMBASSADOR FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

LILAC (LIGHT PURPLE) attributes of White and Purple. LILAC is the place where the Holy Spirit is breathing into the earth His new beginnings in the Steadfast Love of HOLINESS and the loving removal of impurities and the blessings of impartation.

WHITE: White is the color for God’s Lightning Power creating RESURRECTION. Any color that includes white to lighten it includes the attributes of this Holy Color. White stands for AWAKENING. White is the color of His holiness, purity, righteousness, sanctification, virginity, hosts of heaven, His WINGS, and

His Breath of Betrothal and Priesthood.

And I will betroth you to Me forever; yes, I will betroth you to Me in

righteousness(WHITE) and justice(BLUE), in steadfast love(PURPLE),

and in mercy(RED) [the four colors of the Temple of God].

Hosea 2:19 Amplified Version

Holiness is white as is the Dove of the LORD. The Dove represents the Holy Spirit. The Saints and the Angels are usually seen dressed in white as are the inhabitants of Heaven. White stands for light and life and creative power. White is worn by the King of Kings. His army rides on white horses. Overcoming is white as in the Eagles of Victory. The Lamb of God has wool that is as White as newly fallen snow; fresh from heaven and unblemished. This is the garment or mantle of those who choose to be washed in the Blood of the Lamb: they adorn Jesus’ Righteousness instead of their own which is spotted and full of holes. The Bride of Christ is adorned with robes of WHITE. Frankincense is white. The CLOUD of SMOKE that billows off of the spices in the Temple is WHITE. This Cloud represents the EMOTIONS of God and the BREATH of God. The Holy Seed is white. Babies smell like God’s Breath: fresh from heaven. Baby’s breath flowers are white. Any color mixed with White gets newness, cleanness, freshness, holiness, and Righteous attributes attached. Any color mixed with WHITE makes it able to shine in the darkness: glow in the dark. CHOOSE the Light. Let your Light shine! Jesus makes my Light SHINE! Jesus is coming to get you! You can not run, you can not hide! WHITE is the color of Jesus’ COMING: the color of His DAY: His DAWN: His PILLAR of CLOUD BY DAY that encircles His CAMP!

White is the color of the nerves in the body. It is the place where communications are made between the body and the brain. Electrical impulses go through these tiny filaments and tell the body warm, cold, soft, hard, pain, pleasure, etc. White is the electricity of God’s thoughts coursing through our spirit. White is the color of prayer. Prayer billows like a white cloud of incense as it is breathed in God’s Ear. It is the color of HEARING the thoughts of God breathed into our ears. It is the color of holy communications. White is the color of knowing God like a virgin knows her betrothed. Wedding gowns are white. But the wedding is not consummated until there is blood on the white. The Bride of Christ will not come to maturity until she is willing to let her blood flow for His pleasure.

YELLOW: The Holy OIL OF GRACE that fills the Lampstand in the Temple. This oil is replaced fresh every morning and every night. In the Torah, priests are described as taking 8 days to prepare this Holy Yellow Oil. It is amber colored, sometimes green if the olive oil is green. This Oil is distilled anointing from the Billowing Clouds of Prayers that go up from the Altar of Incense. In the spirit, this Oil is the culmination of the distillation of God’s Words falling in drops like rain from the ceiling in the Temple. When the Bride of Christ prays with her High Priest the Incense is lit by God’s Holy Fire and billows of White incense come forth. This Fire causes the Heart of the Father to become known. This Oily Cloud condenses on the Temple ceiling like dew and rains down on those who wait on Him in prayer and worship. This Yellow Dew like oil rains Grace Drops from Heaven into our eyes and we are made able to see in the Spirit the things of Gods Kingdom. This is the eye salve spoken of in Revelations that is needed to be “bought” as well as the white garments. We “buy” them with time spent adoring Jesus and developing our relationship with Him. The Emotions of God fill the Cloud of Incense like a sparkling GOLDEN mist. In the spirit, the incense is like GOLDEN dust (see GOLD). Some of the same GOLDEN spices that are used to make the incense are in the oil for the lampstand. These spices are infused into the oil during a chemical process that happens when we worship and pray with the help of Holy Spirit and His FIRE. When the dew becomes airborne on the spiritual upheaval of intense prayer and worship, the dew becomes an oily substance that begins to run down Jesus’ Robe and prayer shawl as we experience His Presence. He spins around in joyful excitement in the billows of our worship and prayer. The oil gets slathered everywhere. This is what I call a storm of Grace because the oil begins to collect on all the surfaces inside the Temple and condenses on the ceiling. These drops of HOLY YELLOW OIL are distilled in tiny quantities because they can only be tolerated in small doses. They are concentrated prayers of God’s Heart. These drops of OIL multiply and get heavy and rain down when worship and prayer are thick. The angels collect this GLOWING YELLOW oil in bowls. This happens when the Grace rains down. Bowls are placed around the area in the Spiritual realm to collect this holy substance. When the bowls fill up the angels take the bowls filled with this liquid grace to those who are being prayed for and pour it into their lives. These bowls of amber or yellow glowing Grace oil shine on the angels faces. They stream down to the earth from the heavenly realms where the worship collects. Their paths light up and look like fingers of lava light flowing down the dark mountainside. It is an eruption of the River of Grace flowing to the places God is directing the prayers of the worshippers. There are many waiting for this precious oil to fill their lamps. We “buy” this oil by spending time in His Presence. We “buy” this oil when we allow our High Priest to squeeze our fruit until oil comes out. During high pressure times in our lives, if we yield to the Lord and trust Him, He makes this olive oil into JOY that will be set on FIRE to light our souls for His Glory. Lemons are YELLOW. This is what is meant by turning lemons into lemonade. This is the process of turning something terrifically sour into something pleasant even sweet. This is why it is important not to rush the fire process. Remember, it takes 8 days to make the special GOLDEN YELLOW oil in the Temple. this long period of time represents the spiritual chemical process that must occur during the horrible times of our lives when it is dark and there seems to be no light. if we seek Him God never lets this oil run dry. Our roots go down deep when there is no rain. That way when storms come, our roots will hold on at a very deep level to keep us from being overturned during storms. If we yield to trust Him, God turns every sour situation into something He can use later to bring light to someone who needs it even more. When darkness comes, those who have not stored up this oil will be begging for it and there will be none to be had, it will be too late to go through the long process to make this holy oil of amber GOLDEN YELLOW. Yellow is the color of YIELDING. YELLOW anointing oil is created when we yield our mind, our will, and our emotions to the LIVING GOD.

ORANGE: The POWER of listening to and hearing, seeing, and doing the Mind of Christ. This is a combination of Red Mercy and Yellow Grace. The RED Fire of Mercy comes and sets the Holy Oil of YELLOW Grace on Fire. This Grace on Fire Lights up our Faith SHIELD around us. This Shield is Jesus’ Mind Lighting our way. This color ORANGE is formed by the Light of the Menorah in the Temple shining on the Table of the Bread of Father’s Will in the GOLD ROOM. The Bread on the GOLD TABLE is Father’s Will. This Bread cannot be seen without the ORANGE GLOW of “listening” being lit in out minds. When the Lampstand of our mind is lit with the LIGHT of Christ’s thoughts, we can see Father’s Will. When we “see” with our hearts what Father God is doing, then we are EMPOWERED to do it as well. Orange is the color of EMPOWERMENT. If our High Priest has not been given access to our mind, then our lampstand is not in order. Our oil must be refilled fresh morning and night. Our wicks must be trimmed. The Fire from the Altar of Sacrifice (Jesus’ Blood on Fire) must be brought by our High Priest to light the seven lamps on our lampstand. ORANGE is the color of YELLOW oil on FIRE with the MIND OF CHRIST. ORANGE is the color of POWER. ORANGE is the color of MIRACLES. This orange power is the opposite of the occult. This color speaks loudly in testimony of God’s handiwork. Miracles and healings are broadcast with this color in the Spirit realm. The voice of the saints speaking God’s miracles lights up the souls of all who hear and believe with ORANGE LIGHT. Orange is light reflecting off of the GOLDEN walls and furniture in the Temple of our hearts. When WISDOM comes into our heart and mind ORANGE LIGHT is happening. When UNDERSTANDING is imparted to us ORANGE LIGHT is happening. When COUNSEL from heaven lights up like a light bulb in our brain, ORANGE happens. When the angels bring MIGHT and ABILITY from heaven, ORANGE is happening. When someone FEARS or REVERENCES the Lord, ORANGE is shining. When someone comes to obtain revelation KNOWLEDGE of the LORD, ORANGE is bright and clear. Times like this are when the Mind of Christ is shining into our souls.

PEACH includes attributes of Red and Yellow and White: The Breath of God’s Mercy and the Breath of God’s Grace KISS. Peach is God BREATHING forth the Mind of Christ. Peach is sweetness like a ripe fruitfulness off the Tree.

GOLD: GRACE to YIELD to God’s Glorious Presence. When we are graced to get our oil filled afresh, our lampstand lights up a whole new room with Faith for new levels in God: from Glory to Glory. He purifies everything we yield to Him with His Fire and then hammers it into beautiful things in the Temple of our hearts. Gold is the color that everything turns into by being in God’s Presence and Glory. GOLD represents the Riches and booty we get from the enemies our God conquers on our behalf. Gold is the Glory of Heaven: streets of GOLD. GOLD is the color of our inheritance: His Presence. The closer one gets to the Throne, the more gold is seen. The highway into the Holy of Holies is clear-as-glass GOLD.

AMBER: Includes attributes of Yellow and or Gold and Brown. This is the color of the OIL OF HARVEST. The color of Grace and Repentance: Grace to humble one’s self or repent. Amber is the color of YIELDING to the LORD of the HARVEST. The impartation and anointing to be a laborer in the harvest field is an AMBER YELLOW:

Then He said to His disciples,

The harvest is indeed plentiful,

but the laborers are few.

So pray to the Lord of the harvest

to force out and thrust laborers into His harvest.

Matthew 9:37-38 Amplified Version

See also the attributes of Olive Oil Green.

BROWN: Yellow and Black attributes: the HUMILITY of Yielding to the Carpenter of the Soul. This is the color of Jesus’ garments on earth: HUMILITY. The color of the Shepherd’s garments. This is the color of WOOD. The color of the Shepherd’s ROD and STAFF that comfort His people with His correction. The Shepherd’s SLING and STONES to kill giants are the preferred weapon of choice for our safety. This is the color of the GOOD BROWN GROUND that is ready for His SEEDS. The wheat is brown, the bread is brown, the vine is brown, raisins are brown, badger skins are brown, the wood inside the furniture of the temple is brown. As the Carpenter He creates His Banqueting Table, His Ships for catching fish, His Rod of Authority that budded almond flowers and nuts, wood to fuel the fire is brown, and this is the color of the BROWN WOODEN CROSS.

BRONZE or BRASS: stands for the place where we touch this earth: our feet. Everywhere our being touches this earth, it must be through the FIRE OF THE CROSS so that we are crucified to sin and made alive to God’s Kingdom being brought into this earth. Jesus’ Feet are described in Revelation as being burning BRONZE. That is because He walked through the Fire of the Cross for us to lead the WAY to the other side. The other side is walking into God’s very Presence to have a relationship with Him. That was why the veil was split and torn so we could now have entrance into the Holy of Holies. Bronze is the color of the Altar of Sacrifice and the Laver in the First Room of the Tabernacle or Temple. It is also the color of the bases of all the columns or pillars around the outer tent. These pillars have brass bases where they touch the earth and silver redemption on the top of each pillar.

EMERALD (DARK GREEN) Described around the Throne of God. Emerald is the background color of the flag of Judah who was one of the 4 main standard bearers for the tribes. Dark Green includes the attributes of Green and Black. A fruitful intimacy that tramples our enemies under our feet like ashes.

OLIVE GREEN: Olives are a dark green and often the olive oil is green to greenish-amber color. This oil is used to make the Holy Oil Recipe that fills the Cups on the tops of the Golden Lampstand. When we yield to taking up our cross during times of pressure and trials and tribulations, we are allowing God to make oil to fill our lamps like the wise virgins. We yield our fruit to the pressure and watch Our High Priest (The LORD Jesus Christ) make fuel for our Faith. When the time comes to have this oil it will be dark and time will be too short to “buy” any oil. We must allow Him to make this dark green fuel from the dark times in our lives. Evergreen trees are dark green. They have grace to stay green all through the winter time. These leaves are the healing for nations. Olive green also represents warfare. Much intercession goes into making this much needed oil. It is a battlefield.

GREEN Combination of Blue Peace and Yellow Grace. Green stands for Fruitful intimacy with Jesus. The pastures green where the Shepherd leads His sheep. Money to fund God’s wishes and desires. Green is what happens when we garden with Him in our hearts. Green is what happens when God’s Yellow Grace comes upon our Blue Peace with Him and intertwines and grafts us into His Might and Ability to bear Kingdom Fruit

(Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control) and to produce Flowers (Almond Flowers of Authority, Lilies of the Valley, Roses of Sharon [sharing], etc.) and Leaves that heal the nations Revelation 22:2

NEON GREEN Electric Blue Peace and Electric Yellow Grace combine to electrify and empower us with His ability to become intimate and fruitful for Jesus. The POWERFUL MIRACLES THAT OCCUR here in the atmosphere of ELECTRICAL INTIMACY AND supernatural PEACE with that revelation. The MIRACLE that happens when God finds a conduit in this earth that allows Him freedom in this arena. It is BRIGHTER than a NEON LIGHT! It happens in a dark place, but changes everything and invites more conduits to happen.

LIGHT GREEN attributes of White and Green: The Breath of Intimacy and fruitfulness that blows forth from the depths of the sea and from the depths of God’s Forest of Trees of Righteousness that bear leaves that heal nations.

AQUA OR TURQUOISE OR TEAL (BLUE GREEN) includes attributes of Blue and Green. The love of the Bridegroom for His Bride.

SILVER or GREY: Redemption of the TIME: Grey includes the attributes of Black and White. Often there are hints of other colors as well. Silver however

takes on the mirror properties of reflection when it is pure and polished. Silver reflects the colors around it. Christ is redeeming our mirror: our IMAGE. In my experience with the Lord, my armor in the spirit is silver, like a mirror so that my enemy only sees himself or the reflection of Christ. I am in stealth mode when I have put on all my armor. All my enemy sees is the mirror Image of JESUS reflected in my armor if that enemy gets anywhere near me. Silver speaks of the coins used to pay for Christ’s Life. Jesus paid the price for our redemption. He is our Kinsman Redeemer: like Boaz to Ruth. To the carnal mind God was barely worth 30 pieces of silver. The carnal mind says it is either me or God. One of us has to die and it is not going to be me. So God died for us. So we could die to the carnal mind. Every wound of Christ is a portal for us to learn to know God from His suffering. Every wound is an invitation to bleed out who we are in the world, the flesh, and in the devil. Every wound is a portal to invite us to open our body part to die away so His can come alive in us. For example: by Jesus’ example we can yield our hand to die to our own selfish way of working and take on the resurrection life of His Hands working through us. This is true for each body part where Jesus bled. As we allow our carnal flesh to “bleed out” the sin and poison of this world by inviting His BLOOD TO FLOW THROUGH US INSTEAD, He is free to redeem our life’s flow. In our MIND, in our BACK or way of carrying burdens, in our SIDE all the way through our belly of desire to our HEART, in our HANDS, in our FEET or way of walking: in all these ways we can loose our old fleshly way of doing and being and take on His FLOW OF LOVE INSTEAD. Like a tree planted by rivers of LIVING WATER we can pull and draw from His LIFE INSTEAD. as we pull from the HEART OF GOD, our members come alive with the RESURRECTION LIFE OF CHRIST living in us instead of our old life. The flow eventually becomes LIQUID SILVER and coats us from head to toe in order to form a fine set of armor all over us. Silver when purified is heated until liquid metal and the dross comes to the top. The dross includes all the impurities that were in the metal. As it is heated and melted to liquid form the dross is skimmed off the top over and over until there is no more dross. In the temple in the wilderness, Moses was instructed to make the pillars around the temple to have caps of silver on the top and of brass on the base of each pillar.


Benjamin’s flag was the color of multicolored jasper including all the colors of the tribes

The tribe of Levi’s flag is Black, Red, and White background with the Ephod pictured on it. The ephod is set with the twelve stones of multi-colors on it. To me the ephod represents our High Priest interceding for the nations, tribes, tongues, peoples. The ephod was used by those in authority to ask God questions and get answers by using the Urim and Thummim which were housed within the ephod in a secret compartment. When we COVENANT with our High Priest (Jesus) we partake in the benefits of His intercession by participating in praying the Heart of the Father. A promise we receive as members of His Covenant Relationship with Father God. The foundation stones are many colors, there is a rainbow described around the throne of God.

TRANSPARENT: Clear like DIAMOND: the glassy sea before the Throne of God. I believe this clear sea is made up of transparent people. People who are not afraid of God seeing everything in their lives all come into unity and create a huge sea of clear deep places. Transparent like crystal speaks of having nothing hidden. Able to see all without fear. It speaks of invitation to know deeper, of exploring without fear of death or fear of anything for that matter. This only happens in the PURE FEAR OF GOD. Reverence of His Power, love, and purity cause us to fear having anything hidden from Him or from each other. We become transparent before Him knowing He knows all and yielding to that openness to Him. This transparency speaks of TRUST. We can not feel free to open everything to Him if we do not trust that He will LOVE and HELP that part of us too. When we trust, we open up to Him and He opens to us. Transparency speaks of an OPEN DOOR or PORTAL without any walls or doors in the way. Transparency speaks of invitation: COME UP HERE! It lifts our vision to Him and lets us see His GAZE upon us. He takes us places through the portal of transparency. The tribe of Naphtali has the DIAMOND as their stone. They are gazelles that can jump across deep caverns without fear or without bitterness toward anyone. These people have feet that can climb into the heights of God’s mountain without being tripped up by offense or intimidation. They have hinds’ feet in high places. They can blend in like camouflage and not be seen when necessary. They are able to reflect LIGHT and direct it by the guidance of the Holy Spirit to draw others to His HIGH PLACES (high on God’s mountain is DEEP into God)


Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and He died and rose again so

you could know God and be victorious in this life.

Words in these notes are from the rhema journals of Carol Nemitz.

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