Whirlwind of Grass

Well, I’ve been busy with summer activities however I did manage to get a little bit of alone time so I headed to the track for some walking. Today was a super windy day.

Apparently there is a typhoon blowing by. I felt a bit sorry for the soccer players. Wind was ridiculous. Soccer balls were going everywhere.

Another interesting thing that was happening, was a grounds crew was cleaning the area. It was a bad day for it because of all the wind. I don’t know why they didn’t just wait a day or two… anyway, they had weed-eaters going. Grass was flying all over the place. Every time I took a lap I thought “the grass smells great but why in the world are they cutting the grass today of all days?”

I walked 5 miles so that was quite a few laps that I passed through this grassy whirlwind place… the smell of the grass seemed so pleasant to me…I noticed it and thought about it. Then it dawned on me…. Hey, I used to be allergic to grass. Why am I not sneezing. As a child growing up I used to take prescription medicine for it. But I haven’t updated that prescription in years and have never even thought about it until today.

I am not allergic to grass anymore. I mean the Lord just healed me of that and I’ve never even noticed it until now. It is the strangest thing. I walked through whirlwind of grass for hours, just taking lap after lap and didn’t have even one allergic reaction at all. No sneezing, no red eyes… nothing at all, not one symptom. Plus I really enjoyed the fresh grassy smell.

All the grass flying didn’t bother me a bit. Praise the Lord, thank you Jesus. I’m healed but I don’t remember asking for it. But I will remember to say thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus, From Julia French

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