God can….

God is setting you free from the fear of man.

If you have trouble believing it just think about it this way:

Genesis 1:1-2 –> darkness was everywhere and God hovered over it.  God said “let there be light” and there was light.

Genesis 1:6-7 –> So God made the sky (expanse) and separated the water under the sky from the water above the sky.

Genesis 1:9 –> the water and dry ground were separated

Genesis 1:11-12 –> God said “let the land produce vegetation”

Genesis 1:14 –> lights in the sky separated day / night which served as signs to mark seasons, days, years, and give light to the earth.

In the beginning when God made the world we are living in now…. He separated things and organized them by speaking to them.

If He can separate land from water / light from darkness / sky from water…. just by speaking to them. Why can’t he speak to the land and separate the fear from it. Just call the fear out of the land… say land, no more fear of man. Instead love God.

Doesn’t perfect love cast out fear? Love displaces fear. We can say it.

I never thought about it this way until today. God can purge fear from the land.

In His kingdom everybody loves Jesus. He wipes away all our fears and fills us with His love.

Come light, come love, replace all my fears, J

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