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Main Character Poem

An early morning at the beach made me think of him. Perhaps you didn’t know that the beach was where I first thought up my main character. Connor was first a soft ocean sound. Then a sparkle of sunshine glittering … Continue reading

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海の日Ocean Day と はえる(sprout)

  うみのひ / Ocean Day Today is Ocean Day here in Japan. きょうは にぽんに うみのひです。I’m not sure why they call it that but いみ わからない しかし my husband and I decided we ought to visit the ocean.だんなさん と わたしは  うみに … Continue reading

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Heart Colision

My heart goes out to all the by-lingual and by-lingual-wanta-be’s of the world. It is really quite an accomplishment. I am sure that anyone who has successful broken the language barrier has shed many tears. breaking the language barrier, in … Continue reading

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History Test

In Daisy and Connor’s World Connor takes a History test in Chapter 48a Random School Day.

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Poem: A Day At The Beach

  Connor wrote this poem for Daisy. I haven’t added it to my book yet so I’m not sure exactly when he wrote it. But it is a love poem from him to her. A Day At The Beach Little … Continue reading

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Evening run w/friends

Dear reader, I have selected a short piece from my book, Daisy and Connor’s World, for your reading pleasure. My book is not yet published. However, while editing, I ran across these few pages, pages 140-143, and thought of you. I … Continue reading

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Connor’s Run

Connor Bailey With Baby Daisy, his childhood mate Run together until it’s late A long beach run, to them, a date Outstretched legs, matching gait Miles ahead they do take Steady pace, no need to break Private world they do … Continue reading

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