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Heart Colision

My heart goes out to all the by-lingual and by-lingual-wanta-be’s of the world. It is really quite an accomplishment. I am sure that anyone who has successful broken the language barrier has shed many tears. breaking the language barrier, in … Continue reading

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The February cross country meet scheduled to be held at Surfside Academy was cancelled. The shady dealings of Mr. Adams with the school leadership had become public knowledge. Mad parents pulled their children out of the school and moved them to other schools … Continue reading

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2 Songs by Francesca Battistelli

I came across two songs on YouTube the other day that I really liked.  They made me think of Daisy in my story, Daisy and Connor’s World. They seemed like songs that Daisy might sing, if she were a real … Continue reading

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Poem: A Day At The Beach

  Connor wrote this poem for Daisy. I haven’t added it to my book yet so I’m not sure exactly when he wrote it. But it is a love poem from him to her. A Day At The Beach Little … Continue reading

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Off to School

(Daisy and Connor’s World will be posted right here on daisydesk September 1st. It will be posted a chapter a week starting with chapter one. Below is page 12. Just a taste for your enjoyment) OFF TO SCHOOL Once Daisy was dressed she grabbed her … Continue reading

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Quick note to the reader: The below writing is small glimpse into the lives of Connor Bailey and Daisy Greene but not part of my novel about them. In my novel Daisy is 15 and Connor is 17, however, in … Continue reading

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