Daisy and Connor’s World

Daisy and Connor’s World
by Julia French

This book is dedicated in loving memory to Sugano.
She was a fellow believer, a loving wife and a wonderful mother of two.
She is someone who simply should not have died. I think about her
often and miss her gentle smile at church.

Dear Reader:

As the author of Daisy and Connor’s World, I’d like to say that every word of this story comes from my own imagination. All the characters and all the establishments have been created by me for your entertainment. If you find any likenesses to real people or real establishments it is completely coincidental and was not intended by me.

I would like to ask that none of my story be reproduced, copied or sold in whole or in part without my permission. I would appreciate your respect on this point.

Julia Ann French, author of Daisy and Connor’s World

Copyright August 17, 2011

Bowker LLC, All Rights Reserved. ISBN 978-0-615-54925-5

Click HERE to access the book.


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