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Spring is Springing Up!

Spring is springing up! This morning as I made my loops around the track I could see it everywhere. Little flowers on the ground. Bigger flowering trees overhead. At the beginning I didn’t feel like running so I just walked. … Continue reading

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Julia’s Jog Log 2010-2011

Dear Readers & Runners, In 2010 I was walking 2 miles a day. Then in 2011 I made the jump into running. Julia’s Jog-Log is a day by day account of how I moved from a walker to a runner. … Continue reading

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Inner Healing, Outer Running

I had an interesting running experience today that for me was kind of a “break through” of sorts so I thought I’d post it here for memory sake. The morning started off like most…. dropping my child off at school… … Continue reading

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Take your place

Dear Readers, This time of year things are cooling off… so I’ve been working on my running. Attempting to regain some momentum that was lost during the past, hot, busy months. I think the track is the easiest place for … Continue reading

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Chapter 43: Running and Driving

“Zzzzzzzzzzz…” “Wake up boy!” Davis slapped Connor’s feet to make a spot for himself on the side of his son’s bed and sat down. “What? Am I supposed to be somewhere?” Connor murmured in a groggy tone. “Not yet, ” … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry

Don’t worry = しわさんけ I went outside to clean the yard. And look what I found! あそこに いきました わたしの ヤードを そじする。みて! わたしは なにが みつけました! This orange flower always surprises me because it completely dies out in the winter then comes … Continue reading

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こえんにはしるRun in Park

This past week I went running at Comprehensive park. せんしゅ わたしは Comprehensive こえんで はしる しました。 This park has red rubber turf trails marked 4k and 5k. これの こえんは あか と ゴムの トレールが ありました。 トレールは  4K  と 5K マーク ありました。 I … Continue reading

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